Newcastle Can Handyman Prices

The Can Handyman Newcastle team is always on hand and ready to help. To make your life easier we offer a simple and easy to understand pricing structure.

If you have any questions about pricing please call us on 07845 032 911.

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

- Price
First half hour £25.00
Subsequent half hours £15.00

Saturday / Monday-Friday 5pm-8pm

- Price
First half hour £30.00
Subsequent half hour £20.00

Note: a) the charge between 8pm to 8am is 50 pounds per hour flat.
          b) The material charged separately.

How Newcastle Can Handyman Pricing Works

We charge by the half hour for all jobs. On arrival if requested we assess the work involved and we can give an estimate of how long the job likely to take and the cost. Alternatively, if you prefer we can offer you a fixed price irrespective of the time taken and you pay only the agreed amount

Our on-site quotations are free for local jobs within radius10 miles from Newcastle upon. For anything beyond that we charge£1 per mile for the whole journey each way.

We charge 30 pounds for written estimate which if we do the job the charged amount will be deducted from the invoice.

Any materials required to carry out the work will be charged separately.


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